Published: April, 2024

Exploring the Secrets of Diesel Engines: Recapping Our Technical Lecture in Sorriso, Nova Motum, and Next Stop – Tangará da Serra

n a journey of discovery and learning, we at Maringá Tecnologia had the privilege to share crucial insights about cylinder heads for diesel engines in a series of recent technical lectures. From exploring the extensive portfolio to delving into essential concepts, practical applications, best maintenance practices, and even failure analyses, our mission was to illuminate the fundamental aspects of these vital components for the automotive industry.

We began our journey in Sorriso, where we were warmly welcomed by an audience eager for knowledge. The interaction and engagement were extraordinary, demonstrating the deep interest of the local technical community in optimizing and enhancing diesel engines.

Next, we landed in Nova Motum, where the atmosphere of learning and exchange of ideas continued to flourish. We had the opportunity to delve even deeper into our discussions, addressing practical cases and real-world experiences shared by our own experts and participants.

And now, with our bags packed and our energy renewed, we are preparing for our next exciting stop: Tangará da Serra. On April 29th, Monday, we will be present for another unmissable technical lecture, promoted in collaboration with Conarem.

We are particularly excited about the opportunity to reach and engage a diverse audience, spanning from heavy-duty, including grinding shops and mechanical workshops associated with Conarem. It is our mission to share knowledge, promote best practices, and inspire technical excellence at all levels of the automotive industry.

Maringá Tecnologia is proud to sponsor Conarem in these events, and we are deeply grateful for the ongoing support that allows us to carry out educational initiatives like this.

So, if you’re in Tangará da Serra or nearby next Monday, join us for a journey of discovery and learning. We look forward to sharing this moment with you and strengthening the bonds that unite our technical community.

Stay tuned to our social networks for more information and updates on this exciting technical lecture. Together, let’s continue to drive innovation and technical excellence in every corner of the diesel engine world.

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